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Welcome to WIKIPEDIAMETAL! Welcome to the best place to find the best music for you!
Are you searching for some blood-thrilling track?
Probably are you looking for USA industrial band album?
Yes, dude, you are on the right place!
Here you will discover a huge collection with a wide choice of albums released in 2017-2018 and older. Dynamic, heavy, dark, shocking All range of music is here totally for you!

WIKIPEDIAMETAL is place where we share our music experience, leaving reviews to the albums and tracks.
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The list of genres is impressive:
- alternative rock
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- deathcore
- indie
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And much more for you!
You can search for music you need using the fast search option (selecting country or year) or simply surf down the list. Each album has a short description and reviews with useful information. If you are waiting for certain releases, use the release search or put this info in you personalized calendar.

WIKIPEDIAMETAL is a place, where you can share the experience with others! Feel absolutely free to write your opinion. What makes you chose the exact album? Where would you advice to listen to it?

WIKIPEDIAMETAL is keeping eye on all new products, and we put updates as soon as we get them, keeping you maximum posted! We are constantly making our collection bigger! We know that a lot of new releases are arriving next year, stay with us, and be the first to hear them!

WIKIPEDIAMETAL is the place to get registered now, and here is our top 3 proses:
1. We are free. It is our policy
2. Our huge music database speaks for itself. Just believe it
3. Everyday updates. Every 24 hours!
There are a lot of albums, for which we are still waiting for the updated news. If you havent found the new track for yourself, dont get sad. For sure, it will appear immediately after the world-wide release. WIKIPEDIAMETAL is among the first to make new albums available to everyone.
By now, you can find almost anything to get your heart and soul totally satisfied. What is more, a lot of other surprises waiting for you, so get registered now and make WIKIPEDIAMETAL your favorite page! Dont forget to check the everyday updated and new albums, leaving your reviews in the community.

P.S. WIKIPEDIAMETAL is preparing new upgrades in upcoming 2019: adding new sections, youtube videos and many more cool options! Stay with us, stay tuned!