» » Phandemya - DeathAtomized (2018)
Phandemya - DeathAtomized (2018)

List of songs DeathAtomized
01. Apotheosys
02. Juggernaut Assault
03. Speed Kills
04. Molon Labe
05. DeathAtomized
06. Solar Eye-Hole, Pt. 1: Sands of the Damned

Phandemya - DeathAtomized

CD (Compact-Disc)
December 8, 2018

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    Studio album

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Information about the song of metal band Phandemya from their album DeathAtomized. Release DeathAtomized was recorded at studio Records DK2 and published in December 8, 2018. Album genre: Thrash Metal. Information has been published on wikipediametal.info at 8 December 2018. If You would like to find any events with Phandemya worldwide - please check it with using Ticketmaster button below the album`s cover. Don`t forget to leave likes and comments for your favorit metal bands and albums.
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